Our research values

Our researchers are using their expertise to contribute to a better world. We support and encourage applied research that informs programmes and underpins teaching, meeting NZQA research expectations, as well as addressing the needs and issues of communities, professions, and employers. 

We endorse the Royal Society of New Zealand's Code of Professional Standards and Ethics in Science, Technology, and the Humanities. We undertake research responsibly, in line with Otago Polytechnic’s values, to enhance the quality of Otago Polytechnic research and our researchers’ reputations. Our values of caring, courage, accountability and empowerment undergird our commitment to provide a safe and sustainable research environment:


OP Caring

Caring | Manaakitaka

We value people, communities and the environment 

Otago Polytechnic research is conducted with respect and integrity to protect all participants and researchers. We care about the world and work to make it better through knowledge and understanding.

  • We undertake research in accordance with professional, academic and research ethics. If required then approval must be obtained from the appropriate ethics committee. Research must comply with the terms of ethics approval.
  • We honour the Treaty of Waitangi and our Memoranda of Understanding with Kai Tahu and Ngati Whatua. Researchers must consult with our Kaitohutohu office and where appropriate with local iwi, about the relevance or interest of the research to Māori, the implications of collecting data related to Māori, and how the research might potentially benefit Māori. We support Māori researchers.
  • We respect difference in gender, age, sexual preference, ethnicity, culture, religion, opinion and ability, recognising strength in diversity, and we respect our participants' time.
  • In our research practice we seek to reduce our adverse impact on the environment and increase our positive impact on the environment.


OP Courage notext 

Courage | Māia

We are bold in shaping a better future 

Otago Polytechnic research is bold and innovative. We don’t accept assumptions or old solutions to new problems and question easy answers.

  • We promote excellence in research with robust methodologies, and have a strong Professoriate providing leadership to the Otago Polytechnic research community.
  • All source ideas and other material are appropriately referenced, whether published or not and whether directly quoted or not. All contributors to the research, including students, are acknowledged.
  • Innovative, cutting edge research projects that address current problems, are strongly encouraged.


OP Accountability 

Accountability | Takohaka

We are responsible and act with integrity

Otago Polytechnic research is reported honestly and transparently. We share our questions and findings as widely as possible for others’ benefit.

  • We encourage peer-reviewed publication, where possible open access, including through our own journals and conferences.
  • Any financial, personal or organisational interests which could give rise to a perception of potential bias in the research must be disclosed. External funding for research must be identified.
  • All reporting obligations for the research must be met. Data must not be misrepresented, or omitted without explanation.
  • Written permission will be obtained for the use of non-public data, including data from student research. Written permission will be obtained to use copyrighted material.


OP Empowerment 

Empowerment | Whakamanataka

We inspire and enable others to succeed

Otago Polytechnic research is celebrated and nurtured. We are engaged with the world we live in and are curious about how we can participate.

  • We support research, including through research coordinators, internal research funding, and through our workshop/studio facilities including EPICentre.
  • Our research benefits learning and learners, with a balance between pedagogical and discipline-specific research that is appropriate to each degree programme taught.
  • We seek societal benefits from our research and try to minimise potential negative consequences. Our research helps make a better world.

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Māori research support

Otago Polytechnic supports research by and with Māori and other indigenous cultures.